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Best lamp for vanity table

These four are the absolute worst lighting conditions for applying your makeup:

Fluorescent Lighting: For obvious reasons. It’s not just you. No one, and we mean no one, looks good in fluorescent lighting. Cool, fluorescent white light is unforgiving and overly bright. This unflattering lighting can cause you to overdo it with the foundation, bronzer, or blush in attempts to compensate for the lack of color on your face.

Yellow Light: Yellow light can make you look tired and sick, which may cause you to go overboard on the powder and concealer in efforts to neutralize your face and hide dark spots.

Rosy Light: Rosy light can make complexions appear healthy and vibrant, which sounds great, but it’s all a lie. Due to our radiant appearance in this lighting, we tend to slack on the concealer, only to later realize that we missed a blaring blemish or dark spot. best lamp for vanity table.

Downlighting: Remember when you were a kid and used to hold a flashlight under your chin to look scary? Well this is the same thing, but in reverse. Downlighting shines down on wrinkles and pigmentation and casts shadows under the eyes, making you look instantly older.

Use natural light whenever possible. Natural light is the cheapest and easiest way to get the best lighting for makeup application. If you can, place your vanity stand or mirror close to a window that will allow plenty of natural light to give your face an even, pure wash of illumination. Even though natural light is one of the most unforgiving forms of light in terms of being able to see every imperfection, at least you will know exactly what you’re trying to detract from or enhance. More at

Cross illumination is key in bathrooms.

Referred to as side lighting, picture a pair of fixtures ideally mounted 36 inches apart and 18 inches from the centerline of the sink, says architectural lighting designer Randall Whitehead. Look for sconces, pendants or mirrors with backlit sections of frosted glass. The most luminous part should be mounted at eye level—about 5’6” off the floor—and if two people sharing the mirror have a height difference, a good solution is a long vertical design. Adding a center ceiling piece will complement the vanity lighting. Beware of lights fixed only above the mirror which illuminates your forehead and makes you tilt your head too far up to apply makeup with precision, warns Whitehead.

1. Impressions Vanity Company Hollywood Glow Vanity Mirror

Give your vanity table the ultimate glamorous makeover with this chic mirror. It includes ten bulbs that are available with clear or frosted tints, plus a dimmer option to help perfect your makeup application.

2. LuMee Case for iPhone 6

Keep perfect lighting at the tips of your fingers with the LuMee Case. Its LED bulbs create a soft flattering glow, which comes in handy for illuminating photo and video selfies in poorly lit places.

Bring your own light when makeup shopping.

It’s an age-old question: Why does department store makeup lighting suck so badly? Whitehead says the light in store mirrors is usually halogen, which isn’t the color of normal incandescent light nor the color of natural light, so when you get the makeup home, it looks totally different. The solution? Shop during the day and take a hand mirror with you. Try on the makeup shade and go take a look in natural light before you decide to buy, lest that lipgloss or shadow pot end up in the beauty product graveyard under your sink. More at

Lightblade 1500 LED Desk Light Table Lamp

Which are the best LED desk lamps for home or office use?

You’ve probably seen them before, those tiny little lights with the brilliant clarity. LED lights have gone from being an expensive novelty to becoming a legitimate contender in the home lighting arena.

An LED powered desk lamp is one of the best options available today, and though it might not be your top choice at the moment, I’m hoping to change your mind on the subject.

LED bulb desk lights are rapidly becoming a viable option for everyday home use, due to a number of fantastic features that both incandescent and fluorescent alternatives simply cannot match. The light quality is a lot better than you’d expect, and they’ll save you a ton of money over the long run.

This article will be taking a look at a couple of the top LED desk lamps around today, and we’ll be giving an in-depth review of a few top contenders. I’m going to focus on features, light quality and of course price tag. I’ll also touch briefly on what makes an LED lamp for your desk a better choice than other options. In addition, I want to help you identify the right brands to go for (not all lamps are made equal). Let’s get started!

Looking for something to lighten up your table? LED table lamp would be your best choice. It’s a kind of desk lamp but the specialty is it could provide light and make your table look more interesting. We can say it in the other way around, it’s like a beautiful combination of a greatest design and modern technology. There are many different types and color for you to choose base on your interest. Putting one of this LED table lamp on a bed side table in your bedroom or any table in your living room to brighten up the beauty of your house. The list down here will help guide you to choose your favorite one. More at

Plenty of LED desk lamps are either in the prototype stage or newly available for sale. This one, by a company called Satechi, is a high-quality, versatile product at a fair price ($100). It includes innovative features we haven’t seen anywhere else. Let’s take a close look.

1.TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Take a look at the first product of the list is this LED table lamp with its elegant and fancy design. It has a non flicker natural light and also could protect your eyes. There are 4 lighting modes and 5 level brightness. This LED table lamp is recommended for both home and office use. The cozy warm lighting can help you enjoy your work without eyestrain and feeling comfortable. With its fashionable appearance and lots of benefit, you’ll love it.

2.Satechi’s Sleek, Futuristic LED Desk Lamp

Satechi's Sleek, Futuristic LED Desk Lamp
Satechi’s Sleek, Futuristic LED Desk Lamp

If you’re going LED, you might as well go for all the bells and whistles while you’re at it. It’s nice when those extra features don’t cost a lot. This LED desk and reading lamp by Satechi is a wonderful example of a feature rich light with a very reasonable price tag.

First off, the light is gorgeous. It’s very sleek and the modern gloss finish is right at home in a high end home or office space. It’s available in modern black or white.

It’s also extremely adjustable. You can rotate the base of the light up to 130 degrees, and there are two pivot points along the length as well. You can basically adjust the light positioning to any point you need it. It’s really compact and unobtrusive as it is, but if you really want it out of the way, it folds almost flat.

The light quality is the prime selling point for me. There are four ‘modes’ that you can choose between that alter how the light is displayed (one of the advantages of LED bulbs is the ability to dim or change the warmth and color). The higher intensity ‘study mode’ promotes concentration and energy, while the lowest ‘sleep mode’ is a lovely soft light with zero strain.

It comes with convenient touch controls, and you can even use the USB port to charge your devices. And because it’s an LED fixture, it will last for over 40,000 hours of steady use; that’s over 20 years!

3.Softech Natural Light LED Multi-function Desk Lamp

The Softech Natural Light LED desk lamp is really a brilliant design because it’s been specifically designed for typical life uses. The visible light spectrum actually changes depending on each setting, not just the brightness.

The reading setting, for example, places it at a mid range spectrum that isn’t too straining on the eye, but still provides great light quality. It also has an auto timer to shut off after a certain amount of time, so it’s really good for bedtime reading. It uses a tiny 10 watts of power, and the bulb will last for up to 20 years of use. That’ll save you some money on bulbs!

4.LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

This second product of LED table lamp is this black shiny one, with its 4 lighting modes which are for reading, study, relax, or sleep to make it easier for you to choose which mode is perfect for your situation.

It gives a natural light to protect your eyes, not too bright and it an hour auto off. This LED table lamp is the best recommendation for a crafters or someone who sews, it does a good job for an art work.

5.Prism: A Good, Foldable, Anti-Glare LED Desk Lamp

A slightly different take in terms of style and design, this LED lamp for desk or office use is beautiful, functional and incredibly slick. What’s more, the light quality is extremely good and will promote workflow all day with virtually no eye strain.

The design is perfect for the modern office: minimal, sleek and refined. It takes up very little space on your desk, and it’s also ‘visually compact’, meaning that it won’t contribute to a cluttered feel in your workspace.

The light design is great and throws a lot, and it folds vertically to give you a lot of control over where the light is cast. As for quality, there is a built-in glare filter that keeps the spectrum at the perfect level for human eyes. You’ll notice the lack of eye strain over the course of a day.

You can control the brightness by touching the control at the base of the light stick, and this incremental control is one of the reasons this is in my top three. It uses a fraction of the energy that a conventional incandescent bulb would, and the whole unit is rated to last for around 25 years of steady use. It has a 3-year warranty against defect.

Definitely among the best LED desk lights here, perfect for reading or office use, highly recommended. More at

6.Lightblade 1500 LED Desk Light Table Lamp

Lightblade 1500 LED Desk Light Table Lamp
Lightblade 1500 LED Desk Light Table Lamp

As recommended to me by Jessica Green (see comments below), I checked out the Lightblad by Lumiy. It’s a wonderfully designed light with a huge output: 1100 ‘lux’ provides a ton of illumination, and the light quality itself is ideal. It’s very easy to read and work by, and there’s little eye strain involved.

There’s a capacitive ‘touch’ sensor (like on your smartphone) on the light’s base that allows you to adjust the brightness and the ‘color temperature’ of the light (meaning warm or cool tones).

This leaves the lines of the light itself very sleek, modern and clean. I also love how low profile and sleek the light fixture (or ‘blade’) itself is. It doesn’t take up much space on the desk, yet provides awesome light quality. Definitely one of the better LED desk lamps I’ve reviewed and seen.

What’s so great about LEDs, anyway? Their most attractive attribute: energy savings. This 11-Watt LED desk lamp can give you as much light as a 75-Watt incandescent light bulb.

That lets you illuminate your desk or nightstand for about 1/7th the energy you’re probably using now. And since the 27 LEDs in this lamp each last more than 40,000 hours, it’s likely you won’t ever need to change them.

The Best Desk Lamp For Students Is Small Yet Powerful

The Best Desk Lamp For Students Is Small Yet Powerful

Students are often on a tight budget and think simply when it comes to decor. However, a table lamp is what they should be using to burn the midnight oil so to speak when it comes to studying for those exams. Even if they’re not thinking about getting a good lamp, you should add it to the list. Perhaps you’re getting all the things your son or daughter needs for a dorm room setup. Either way, getting that lamp reminds them that they need to study. More at

A powerful desk lamp provides a nice studying space without being disruptive. Even if you’re in own room or living quarters, the desk lamp can be on for studying while the rest of the lights in a room are off. It’s about comfort, and it’s about having your space set up correctly. The lamp you buy of course isn’t going to be large because you want it to sit on the desk. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be powerful though.

The Best Desk Lamp For Students Is Small Yet Powerful
The Best Desk Lamp For Students Is Small Yet Powerful

Many desk lamps out there, however, aren’t too powerful. A weaker lamp might not provide enough light, and that’s not what you want. Technology has progressed enough to where you will get a powerful yet small desk lamp if you choose the right type of light source. It’s a great thing that reviews left by customers can tell you if a lamp really lives up to its expectations.More at

It’s one thing for a company to say its lamp is going to be small yet powerful. It has to be proven though, as the last thing you want is to find out you should have purchased a better lamp. For a best desk lamp for students, you might not be looking at warranties and things of that nature, but that doesn’t mean your homework isn’t done so to speak before you buy.